Pal-Think Academy holds its third communication meeting

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Monday – April 25 – 2022

Pal-Think Academy held the third meeting in a series of networking meetings between members of the Forum for Thought and Dialogue in a beautiful Ramadan atmosphere, followed by breakfast with the Foundation’s staff. This meeting came after two direct meetings with the target group of both sexes, which included a definition of the idea and objectives of the Academy, as well as the forum emanating from it, which represents a real incubator for young people and their aspirations towards the hoped Palestinian democracy.

Pal-Think Director General Omar Shaaban spoke about more details about the activities intended to be implemented and their importance in refining the personality of the target group and its reflections on their attitudes and behavior in their community interactions, and the extent to which the Academy is consistent with its objectives and the dialogue forum with Pal-Think objectives by providing a scientific and methodological framework for knowledge and to achieve the idea of ​​“knowledge is ways prosperity”.

Shaaban added; Pal-Think Foundation, at the Academy of Democracy and Human Rights, adopts creative education using the latest educational tools and means, such as direct dialogue with international and local experts directly related to the events, or through assistive means such as documentaries and educational films.

The target group is characterized by rich diversity, whether in age, specialization, level of experience, societal backgrounds, geographic regions, in addition to gender diversity. It was remarkable that there was a high level of responsible dialogue among the attendees, as well as they had the opportunity to review more ideas that enhance the activities of the Academy and the discussion forum, which they are expected to manage themselves through a facilitation committee produced by the group in the framework of follow-up and supervision from Pal-Think.

It is noteworthy that this meeting comes within the framework of the Pal-Think Academy for Democracy and Human Rights project, which is implemented by the Pal-Think Foundation for Strategic Studies in cooperation with the German Foreign Ministry.